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If you have bleeding, puffy, or agitated gums, you may perhaps be a single of eighty five% of grownups who have gum sickness. Periodontal sickness can lead to receding gums, decline of enamel, long-term poor breath, and has not long ago been linked with coronary heart sickness. Treating gum sickness, nonetheless, can reverse the method and assistance the two enamel and gums to come to be wholesome again.

Periodontal sickness, frequently acknowledged as gum sickness, afflicts about eighty five% of grownups. This ailment is not to be taken lightly when untreated, gum sickness may perhaps cause economic downturn of the gums, decline of enamel, and even coronary heart sickness. Gum sickness results a single or extra of the subsequent periodontal tissues:

-Alveolar Bone, the bone that holds the enamel and gums in position
-Periodontal Ligaments, connects the enamel with the Alveolar Bone
-Cementum, A protecting layer at the root of the bone
-Gingiva, The gums

As soon as a single or extra of the previously mentioned tissues are afflicted, severe and proactive measures need to be taken to eliminate the microbes from your gums and avoid it from developing again. The new Perio Protect therapy method method does just that.

The 1st move in the Perio Protect is to have an in-depth cleansing of the enamel and gums. This cleansing focuses on the debridement, or removing, of plaque, tarter, and microbes from the sulcus, or periodontal pocket. The sulcus is the area in between the tooth and bordering gum location.

As soon as plaque and microbes have been taken out, a established of custom Perio Protect trays is created. These trays match tightly about your enamel even though also leaving a reservoir for a therapy answer that operates along the gum line. This answer is personalized particularly for your therapy demands, and it consists mainly of oxidizing and oxygenating agents that decrease microbes populations (i).

Just after your debridement cleansing, it is proposed you wear the Perio Protect trays and accompanying answer 2 to 3 situations day-to-day. When the trays are inserted, the reservoir properly holds the therapy answer along the gum line and helps prevent microbes populations from regenerating in the sulcus. This enables your gums time to heal thoroughly.

Habitual brushing and flossing can avoid gum sickness. Even so, after gum sickness develops, brushing and flossing by yourself are not plenty of. Treating periodontal sickness necessitates a extensive cleansing of the enamel and gums, adopted by continual therapy of the location with a Food and drug administration authorized, medical professional prescribed answer. The Perio Protect method performs effectively from a holistic dentistry viewpoint as it performs to restore every single of the periodontal tissues by means of a single convenient method.

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