College Scholarships For Students – Take Advantage of the Summer and Get Free Scholarships

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Summer vacation is one of the most exciting times for anyone attending school. It is a short time of year where the weather outside is great for all sorts of activities and you do not have to worry about going to school 5 days a week.

But one thing many high school students forget to start doing during their summer vacations, especially those who will be heading off to college after their senior year of high school is to start the process of looking for available college scholarships and grants. There are a few common reasons why this happens including:

# 1 It is summer! Why would I want to waste my time filling out paperwork?
# 2 There's plenty of time left. Still have my senior year of high school to make it through yet.
# 3 My parents have all of that covered. They have everything planned out and money saved for me to get a education. So why worry.

While these ideas may make sense to you right now, if you fail to start the processes of applying for scholarships and grants for college early enough, it can have some rather unpleasing consequences down the road. So let's take a moment and look at each of these reasons and discuss them.

First, yes I know it's summer time and you want to spend as much time as possible out of the house and having fun with your friends and family. To make it as simple as possible … The sooner you start the more likely you are to not only be accepted into these programs but you will have plenty of time concentrate on the paperwork in front of you and put your best foot forward.

Second, I realize that you have a whole year of high school left before you start going to college. But this partly goes back to our first point. During the summer you will have more available free time then what you will during the school year. Senior year in high school is a very busy time. Classes, extracurricular activities, time for homework and friends, possibly a job and all of the fun things that go on during your senior year can put a rather large crimp in the time you can spend filling out paper work. Beside, if you start the application process earlier then a majority of the other students, you will have gotten you foot in the door already and be one step ahead of the rest of them.

Lastly, yes, your parents may have this all planned out with plenty of money put off to the side to pay for your college education, or do they? There are so many variables these days including increasing tuition fees, financial problems at home or the loss of a job or unexpected financial emergencies that can make the money they have saved disappear quickly. Beside, what could ever be better then money you can use towards your college education?

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