Chronic Stress – A Potentially Lethal Disease

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The alarm clock did not go off and now you're running late so you leap out of bed and into the shower for a quick splash because you have exactly thirty minutes to get dressed, have your morning inflation and get to the office for an early meeting. You realize that your kid has overslept, missed the school bus and now needs a ride to school. You are frantic and so you call to announce that you are running ten to fifteen minutes late but are in route. Traffic is not in your favor but after dropping off your kid you scurry off to work where you arrive just five minutes before the meeting ends. The school calls and tells you that your kid has a fever and must be picked up. You are frantic because your job is important but your kid is even more important.

You tell your boss you are going to have to leave to pick your kid up and while on the way to the school you get filled over for speeding. You now have a speeding ticket with potential points that could very well make your insurance premium go up. You are really stressed. You arrive at the school and the school nurse tells you that you will need a doctor's note to clear little Jimmy before he can return to school. You are frazzled and unaware of the fact that you are not breathing normally because you have been running from mountain to mountain. You are wired. You get home, get little Jimmy into bed and start cooking. You burn your hand because you are rushing and the phone rings. It's a friend in need asking for a favor. You sit down fall sleep and wake up to the smoke alarms because the pots are now burning with what's left of the food in them. You are tossed. You care for your child feeding him, treating him, caring for him. You take him to the doctor the next day and find that he has strep throat and must stay home until cleared. You notify your boss by phone and he reminds you that this is not the first time this year. You are anxiety stricken. You get a phone call from someone that says they too are seeing your someone and you now have to make a decision to forgive and forget or dump your cheating mate. You are pissed. The saga continues–

Each day we face conditions and circumstances that are unforeseen, distracting and difficult to manage because of the overwhelming amount of stress filled episodes that you must face, process and manage. The crazy piece is that you do not have a choice you must face, process and manage whatever the day is serving for dinner. The above list will ring true for many but for others they may face more or less Chronic stress is the kind that does not seem to let up but instead keeps meeting and greeting you with a battery of combination punches that just does not seem to let up . This I am sure you know is not a good thing at all. So I see it as fitting to point out some of the negative results one can experience by living in or with chronic or extreme stress.

Chronic Stress can lead to weight gain, emotional eating, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke and depression. It leads to weight gain through poor eating habits due to cravings for sugary foods and salty foods. It does so because it heightens cravings for the wrong food choices such as sugary, fatty and salty foods. This includes sweets, processed foods, fast foods and unhealthy meal choices in general. Stress can have an impact on your blood sugar especially prolonged stress because it can alter your levels, cause mood swings, fatigue and even hyperglycemia and other health conditions as well. Excessive stress had been linked to metabolic syndrome, heart attacks and diabetes. Further it effects where the body stores fat. It is noted that the greater the stress the more belly fat one stores. Stress is often linked to emotional eating and increasing cortisol. Cortisol produces cravings for the junk food and also causes excess nervous energy and emotional eating or binges.

Concern stress, weigh in and weigh out! Take a good long look at your life and evaluate your stressors. Place them in proper perspective. Decide what is normal stress, stimulating stress, unnecessary stress, easy to eliminate stress, dispensable stress and then look at the excess or chronic stress in your life. Grab a pen and a pad and write this all down. Let's begin with the process of elimination. We can get rid of the easy stuff first.

1. Associates and Affiliates that result in stress: Cut them off immediately, be cordial but do not take their phone calls, do not call them, do not hang out with them, do not invite them into your circle.

2. Friends and Foes: If the relationships is continuous toxic, create distance, be honest and tell them you need self time to detoxify from stressful encounters, this is for the friends. For the foes, ex-communicate them

3. Co-workers: Maintain professionalism but do not engage in small talk or share any of your personal matters. If they are less than professional call them on it and if they are not willing to budge, work around them. This may require mediation to protect your integrity.

4. Family members: Sometimes family members can be difficult, after all they are family. However is they are not willing to honor your quest to establish peace, treat them with a long handle spoon. Make calls brief when they go into stressful discussions, tell them you are managing projects that do not allow for much free time. Do not worry, it's not a lie, the largest project you are on is the self project. They do not need details. If they are pleasant give them an ear but it does not, give them them "gotta go, I'll be in touch" it will save you in the end.

5. Social Circle: this is due to be the easiest group. If they are not positive and productive, give them the entire boot, no matter how big it is. You only get one life, live it up.

There are so many things one can worry about in life but the manageable stuff should be managed to alleviate the stress that is in your life. Next try some of this;

1. Rev up on water and herbal teas without sugar to beat the craves

2. Get 8 hours of rest so that your body is properly empowered

3. Exercise to thwart stress, this is the best practice in combating stress

4. Temperance is important, make sure you take time to meditate and relax

5. Gratitude is more powerful than you know it actually works on you more than those you are grateful for. Having a healthy attitude toward life is priceless and quite rewarding

You do have control over your life, the most challenging part is taking the reigns so that you can guide your life into the peaceful state you deserve.

Source by Sonya R Ward