Change Your Life With Denture Implants

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Anyone who has dentures knows how annoying and stressful the traditional ones can be. Between worrying that they’re falling out and having to avoid certain foods, removable devices can sometimes feel more restricting than liberating. Experience how things are supposed to feel with denture implants. Get more information about this special procedure and the ways in which it can make an impact on your oral health and overall well-being.

Implanted dentures are the next best to real teeth. Instead of sitting in the mouth, they are actually attached to the gums with fittings. The fittings come in two types: bar-retained and ball-retained. Both involve the use of wire framework to securely fasten the teeth to the gums. The result is a realistic smile that stays in place. Artificial teeth allow the wearer to bite down harder than traditional dentures.

The best candidates for denture implants are those who have a strong jawbone in spite of the absence of teeth. This is important because the replacement oral system must attach to the bone. Great candidates will also be committed to taking good care of the surgery site and the surrounding areas. Finally, ideal patients will have healthy gums free of medical issues. Heavy smokers, pregnant women, and young people with still-developing gum tissue should avoid this procedure. Doctors also recommend asking a friend or family member to help with the healing process, so be sure to grab a buddy before making your final appointment.

Qualified oral surgeons perform this procedure. The process usually involves anesthesia before the surgeon installs the desired type of frame (bar- or ball-retained) and a set of artificial teeth. The denture implants then attach to that structure. Depending on the type of setup chosen, the teeth may be removable for cleaning. After the procedure, the doctor will likely schedule a follow-up appointment and recommend a care routine. There may be a few undesirable side effects after the procedure, including swelling, bruising, pain at the procedure site, and minor bleeding. These effects are normal and go away as you heal. If desired, your doctor may be able to prescribe antibiotics or pain medication.

Now that the procedural specifics are out of the way, let’s get to the most exciting aspect of implants. Many patients report that they are feeling a great sense of freedom after the procedure. Able to eat and drink normally again, these patients enjoy meals with loved ones without the stress of placement issues. Also worth mentioning is the dentures’ ability to completely upgrade your smile, and the devices can’t develop cavities.

If you’re ready to see if implants are right for you, get in touch with your dentist. You owe it to yourself to experience complete freedom and improved oral health. See for yourself how much more comfortable implanted dentures can be.

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