Celiac Disease Test – Know the Tests You Need to Undergo

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Celiac Disease is a hereditary problem that can be considered as caused by food allergens as many effects take place within a body of a person who has this type of disease but did not test to look for it. The test (Celiac Disease quiz) is actually an assortment of tests taken from the ways of Crohn's disease tests and Lactose Intolerance tests to help determine how mild to sever the disease in a person is. The first and foremost way of testing for the disease is by going under a wheat allergy test that can determine your allergies to gluten- which is found in wheat, rye and barley. The allergen actually causes the body to destroy the villi in the small intestines that can cause malnourishment to the person and in some cases, Crohn's disease which is an inflammation of the small intestines-hence the Crohn's disease test. The effects of the villi being damaged can also lead to the inducing of lactose intolerance as the villi can not absorb the lactose molecules and react poorly to them which are why a lactose intolerance test is also optional.

A more general gluten test is possible as it can pinpoint the direct allergen and tell the person if they are with Celiac Disease or not through physical and visible means such as the Dermatitis Herpetiformis test which is to determine if a person with Celiac Disease has rashes due to having Celiac disease or not. A person suffering lactose intolerance while under Crohn's disease can experience a lot of internal pain often suffering from IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is where an IBS test (Irritable Bowel Syndrome test) is most likely useful in helping the person determine if they have CD ( Celiac Disease).
The ways for a Celiac Disease Test to be taken is:

1. Through a blood test – A person with this kind of disease is a person with high levels of auto antibodies than normal which is why the villi is destroyed as they attack it by reaction to the gluten.

2. Through Going an Intestinal Biopsy – An endoscope will be slowly entered into the body of a person with the disease through the mouth by a doctor who will set tools through the tube and take a piece of the small intestine to check for damaged villi.

3. Through a Dermatitis Herpetiformis test – Checking for DH in a person with Celiac Disease is a common way of searching for any possible chances of a person having CD as it is fact that some people who have DH have Celiac Disease.

4. Through Screening – Doctors test the blood for auto antibodies in the blood in people who sometimes do not show symptoms to determine the severity of the disease or if the person has the disease if ever. It can trace it if it is found to be hereditary.

The only way to combat suffering Celiac Disease when you have it is to keep to a strict gluten-free diet that is found to help prolong the lives and keep healthy the people with CD, however, this diet is to be kept through life and even one indulgence into glutens can prove disastrous.

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