Can Skin Care Products Cause Cancer?

Margarita FolkPosted by

We've probably all heard that natural is best and that artificial ingredients can be harmful to us. But have you ever really worried about the ingredients of your skin care products?

Naturalists will claim that the best skin care products to use contain no questionable or unsafe ingredients, and that naturally derived ingredients are in fact much more effective. It's scary that there is a cancer epidemic in the world these days, and the scientific community has not reached a concrete conclusion about the source of cancer.

Perhaps, it is better to stay away from skin care products containing synthetic ingredients, just to be safe. After all, studies have detected in cancerous tumors some ingredients that are widely used in skin care products.

For instance, parabens are widely used in skin care products as preservatives. In 2004, according to the Journal of Applied Toxicology , a team of English researchers headed by PD Darbre, discovered parabens in breast tumors. Does this suggest that parabens absorbed through our skin can accumulate in our tissues and spur the development of cancer?

Another study conducted at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, suggests a positive link between acrylamide and breast cancer. Acrylamide is an ingredient found in many hand and face creams. Both parabens and acrylamide are synthetic ingredients. It's interesting to note how many chemically-created ingredients our "normal" products contain these days, even those considered to be the best skin care products.

Just like the obesity epidemic being blamed by our increased consumption of white flour and sugar, is it also plausible that the cancer epidemic could have explained by our increased consumption of lab-created substances?

Through research, we know that whatever we massage into our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstream. How many different synthetic ingredients do we absorb each day from our skin care products? Is it possible that some of these ingredients, other than parabens and acrylamide, can one day be linked to cancer also?

Maybe naturalists are right. Maybe products containing only normally derived ingredients are the best skin care products to use.

Source by Haley Hensley