Can I Really Have Perfect Teeth With Veneers?

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Teeth veneers are thin casings of ceramic or composite material that when bonded to the patient teeth, create a new smile. Offering a new level of confidence, as the brighter whiter, more aesthetically pleasing smile makes the person wearing them feel more secure about smiling.

These Veneers can be an improvement in the color, shape or even the positioning of teeth. The shade of the porcelain veneers gives the required look. You can have a single discolored or stained tooth improved. However, you can also choose this method to lighten your front teeth.

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If you have a chipped tooth, veneers can cover the chip and make it look intact. The porcelain covers the whole front of the tooth. A small section that is thicker replaces the broken part. Teeth Veneers used to close small gaps. Can boost confidence, and lift insecurities about smiling. If you have a tooth out of position, a veneer can bring it in line with your other teeth, changing the total look of your teeth.

Lumineers are cemented to the front of a patients tooth using a product that is much like crazy glue. Teeth veneers are recommended to enhance the appearance of teeth that are too small or large. Also for Teeth that have become warn and slightly discolored, or simply to make a cosmetically pleasing smile for a patient.

When cared for properly, teeth veneers will last a long time. Special care is essential to the care of teeth veneers as the thin porcelain shells can damage, crack or break. Be advised that eating certain foods such as carrots can be damaging or cause cracks in the teeth veneers. You may require protective guard while you are sleeping, especially if you have bruxism.

A dentist will insure that your new veneers constructed of a durable porcelain or composite material. Look as natural as if they are your own. Teeth veneers have come a long way since first introduced. Veneers originally invented by a dentist name Charles Pincus, veneers originally held on by denture adhesive. Therefore, teeth veneers were great for a temporary change in look.

Today, the improved cement and bonding agents hold Lumineers much longer. Typically the veneers will last anywhere from 10-30 years. However, they may require replacement from time to time if cracked broken or damaged. Porcelain veneers are durable and less likely to stain than veneers made of composite resin.

Your natural teeth will first be prepared to have the veneers applied. This entailing shapification each tooth in preparation for the new veneer. Once your dentist has shaped the tooth, they will take an impression. The impression then sent to a dental lab where your new teeth veneers take their shape.

While some dentists will provide you with a temporary restoration, this is not necessary in all situations. The preparation of the tooth in most cases is minimal; therefore, you will not require a temporary veneer. The tooth will look much the same as it did before the preparation. It will however, feel slightly less smooth. This will have no impact on you daily routine you will be able to continue your routine as usual.

Your next visit will consist of the placement procedure of your final restoration. The veneers are comfortably fitted to your mouth with careful attention to ensure that the new tooth feels exactly like one of your natural teeth. The Lumineers will then be bond into your mouth with precisions in placement, and late you smile.

So are teeth veneers a good choice – make an appointment today for a consultation with your dentist to find out.

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