Body Elemental – Each of Us Has One and We Would Not Be Alive Without Its Service!

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Everyone of us has a body elemental who lives within our etheric body and can be seen in the aura. It is innocent and childlike as well as intelligent and masterful. Standing about 3 feet tall, it usually closely resembles the individual it serves. It is responsible for all functions of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies and keeps all of our organs and systems running smoothly. The body elemental is also responsible for helping maintain our emotional and mental wellbeing. From birth until death, it serves the needs of the evolving soul on the physical plane.

We would not be alive without the service of our body elemental

We would not be alive without the service of our B.E., which has been with us since the beginning of our incarnations. It was created simultaneously with our physical body and becomes a part of our evolving consciousness while gaining experience in the plane of Matter. Each and every embodiment, it creates and maintains a new body for us. Therefore, it knows the blueprint of our entire structure – right down to the DNA/RNA cellular level. It also knows exactly where any trauma and memories are stored and how to best facilitate the self-healing process – as all elementals know how to heal. The elemental within our body works closely with our Higher Self and helps bring down the Light of Spirit/God to nourish every cell of the body.

Like other elementals/nature spirits, they will also mimic our moods and respond to our mandates. So if you decree, “I am sick” or that you feel “good”, the elemental, like a genie, will act upon your “order”. Our body elementals are also aware of every thought and feeling, and will outpicture them within the cells of the body temple. Negative thoughts and feelings can not only make us ill, but also the body elemental. So it is very important to learn to control your thoughts and feelings and stay in harmony as much as possible! Establishing a positive attitude toward life releases the body elemental to establish our health and well being.

How we can help our body elemental

Our B.E.’s are our unseen helpers and friends! They respond to our sending them appreciation, love and gratitude. Those who befriend their body elemental and establish a good rapport with them – whether conscious or unconscious – are usually blessed with effortless good health. In learning to listen to your body elemental, it will tell you whatever it needs.

Unfortunately, just as with the other elementals/nature spirits (gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders), our B.E.’s can become seriously handicapped by the mass consciousness of man. It is important to call to your Higher Self for the protection and freedom of the body elemental from all negative energies and all that is not of the Light.

Simple Meditation

Become still and center in your heart, which is the connecting point with your Higher Self. Visualize your precious body elemental in an ovoid of the pink flame of divine love. Pour forth your love and gratitude for its faithful service always. From the level of your Higher Self, ask that your body elemental take complete dominion over every imperfect condition that may be manifesting in your body. See healing Light rays saturating every part of your being.

Source by C. A. Russ