Best Way Curing Periodontal Disease Naturally Without Surgery

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Gum disease would seem currently to be reaching epidemic proportions. It is estimated that almost 90% of the USA population suffer from some kind of dental disease or other and periodontal gum disease, which is certainly the most destructive gum disease, affects nearly 50% of the general population. Here you will read some tips and best ways curing periodontal disease naturally from getting worse at home.

Neglect of oral hygiene and treatment at the first signs of an oral disease can lead to;

  • world’s
  • Gum diseases like receding gums or the more advanced periodontitis.
  • Infections of the root canals, the spaces at the root of the tooth and tooth loss.

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Periodontal gum disease is not only limited to the gums and teeth, but can have a negative and damaging effect on the rest of the body, and its general well-being and health. Despite many in the medical profession still believing that damage caused by gum disease is confined within the oral area, much evidence is emerging that oral disease contributes directly to, and increases the severity of —

  • Heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.
  • Respiratory disease and osteoporosis.
  • Digestive disorders and low infant birth weights.

Different stages of periodontal gum disease

Before moving to the best way curing periodontal disease naturally, let us check different stages of periodontal disease receding gums. The degrees of severity of the periodontal disease can vary in intensity. It can be either chronic, insidious or episodic.

Chronic Periodontitis. This kind of disease can take many months to develop, it is a slow moving condition and cannot be fully diagnosed in its early stages. It can never be completely cured but is coped with and managed just like any other serious diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes. It is ongoing but manageable.

Insidious Periodontitis.  Goes totally unnoticed by the person until it is in a very advanced stage, no early warning symptoms are given. The only way this form of the disease can be positively diagnosed by a thorough periodontal examination. Symptoms do appear very late, on the development of insidious periodontitis, and include bleeding gums, loose teeth, abscesses, bad breath and a change in the ‘bite’ of the sufferer.

Episodic Periodontitis. Typically the episodic variety is not active continuously. It acts intermittently and does not occur at all times and in all places in the mouth, but seems to act in a random fashion at differing oral locations.

For these kinds of periodontal gum diseases, the object is to control the current active infection and regularly monitors the patient for disease activity.  The aim being to control the degree of bone loss and protect the teeth for as long as is practical. Can Receding Gums Grow Back

Best Way curing periodontal disease naturally at home

For any sensible health program which is cost conscious, then an educational program, teaching the benefits of each individual practicing good oral hygiene regularly each day, must be included in the overall health care procedure

Yet periodontal gum disease, in most cases, is easily prevented, not withstanding bacterial infection from outside sources. It only takes a toothbrush, a tube of Natures Smile herbal toothpaste for receding gums, some dental floss, and perhaps a little Natures Smile herbal mouth wash!

NaturesSmile oral gum paste and mouthwash both are made with worlds best herbal ingredients known for their antiseptic qualities. Using NaturesSmile regularly for some days is the best way curing periodontal disease naturally without surgery and to overcome all dental disease.