Best Teeth Whitening Tips – Surprise! Learn the Best Techniques to Make Your Teeth Very White

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Who else wants to make their teeth really, really white? If you are anything like the vast majority of people who read our articles and comment on our content, the simple truth is that you probably do! It’s true…the last 5 or 6 years have yielded dramatic improvements in many home based whitening methods, reducing what was once a very expensive dental procedure to something that just about anyone can now do INEXPENSIVELY from home!

But did you ever notice that some people get exceptional results and extremely white teeth…while others simply get so-so improvements? I have…and I’m going to give you some free pointers to make sure you get the sort of smile that turns heads where ever you go.

Tip #1: The Tray is Super Important!

Yes, one of the surprising facts that many folks simply don’t realize is that the tray is a huge part of your whitening success. (and a big reason why many paint on products don’t work at all) The more consistent coverage and “pressure” the tray offers, the better chance the gel will have to work it’s magic and for longer as well. Whitening methods that leave the bleaching agent exposed, usually results in the product washing away through saliva, or simply the natural elements that hit your teeth over the course of normal activity.

Tip #2: Be Very Careful What You Put Into Your Mouth Post Whitening!

Yes, the 60 minutes or so after a whitening treatment is very important. Why? Well, you want to stay away from foods that causes stains (like coffee, tea or certainly tobacco) and surprisingly enough, MOUTHWASH can be terrible to use immediately too. Why? The alcohol in it can negate much of the whitening effects if used too soon thereafter, and should be avoided for at least 90 minutes thereafter (give or take).

Source by Tina Bardo