Best Teeth Whitening Strips – How to Whiten Teeth Safely and Naturally?

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In order to flaunt an attractive smile you should have clean and white teeth. Teeth Whitening helps in enhancing your look. It is a trend now and everybody is making use of various treatments available. Some of the most popular methods for teeth whitening are light-activated bleaching, tray bleaching and drugstore bleaching. Peroxide is considered to be the most effective bleaching agent.

Whitening is a safe procedure, which lacks side effects. You can easily perform this treatment from the comfort and convenience of your home. There are various other home remedies, which can also be performed for attaining dazzling teeth. It also uses peroxide for whitening the tooth. The lip and tongue retractors holds your mouth open while wax is painted in your gums, fillings and other peroxide sensitive spots. The bleaching gel is applied and the process continues for an hour. This technique provides instant results. All the nerves are covered during this process, which makes it suitable for sensitive teeth.

Most people also carry out Tray bleaching. In this process, the dentist makes a mold of your teeth and creates a plastic frame. They fill bleaching gel in the plastic frame, which consequently whitens your teeth. It is advisable to wear the trays for an hour. It also uses Peroxide.

Best teeth whitening strips include peroxide gels, which should be applied to your teeth for half an hour before bleaching. You can easily perform this process from home. You can also use baking soda or strawberries for whitening your teeth naturally.

Source by Cathy Willson