Best and Worst Weight Loss Beverages

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A healthy diet plays a vital role in weight loss. While most of us are familiar with healthy eating habits, not too many of us pay close attention to the beverages which we drink. Believe it or not, the 2000 calorie diet that many of us follow should include liquid calories as well. For instance, how many times have you been out and noticed someone ordering a low calorie meal along with a soda? I have seen this numerous times. That is why in this article I will reveal some of the best and worst weight loss beverages.

  1. Worst Beverage: Soda. Every time you drink a soda you are ingesting hundreds of empty calories. As a matter of fact, carbonated drinks are the biggest source of calories in the American diet.
  2. Best Beverage: Water. Not only will you be ingesting hundreds calories less you will also feel full much quicker when drinking water prior to a meal.
  3. Worst Beverage: Sugar Laden Fruit Juice. Believe it or not, juice can have as many calories as soda. The best way to get your vitamins without the calories is to find a juice that is made solely from fruit (no sugar added).
  4. Best Beverage: Vegetable Juice. Vegetables juice can have as many vitamins and minerals as fruit juice, but with half the calories.
  5. Worst Beverage: Alcoholic Drinks. Many of us are well aware of all of the calories that are present in these fruity concoctions. Alcohol is laden with calories. For instance, just one pina colada can have over 400 calories.

These are just a few tips regarding weight friendly beverages. You want to the if weight you can lose 's Also a try all natural diet pills (hoodia gordonii).

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