Beginner's Guide to the Janet Jackson Weight Loss Plan

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We all know who Janet Jackson is. Aside from her breathing voice, she is also popular for her great body and even better diet regimen. The Janet Jackson diet plan has attracted so much attention after the actress evidently lost 60 lbs in four months by following a strict weight-loss regimen that mainly consistent of cutting down on calorie intake and working out to burn body fats and tone her muscles. The plan gained so much following that it was even named after the singer / actress.

Cutting down on the calories

For four months, Janet Jackson followed a strict diet regimen that was prepared by her nutritionist David Allen. The diet basically includes cutting down on her calorie-intake.

Following the Janet Jackson Weight-loss Plan allows you to eat four to five times a day provided that the food intake is in small amounts and the total calorie-intake should amount to about 1,500 calories (or depending on how much energy you need for the day). Eating in small amounts several times within the day helps you curve the desire to binge or overeat which is what we tend to do when we're hungry. This would also help you maintain the energy that you need to get through all your tasks for the day.

Planning your meals is a must to make sure that you only eat just enough for you to get through the day's tasks effectively. Just like in other diet plans, you need to remember to eat a balanced diet which contains all the necessary nutrients that the body uses.

Since it consists of eating frequently (albeit in small amounts), the Janet Jackson Weight Loss Plan discourages skipping meals for the sake of weight-loss. Doing so only makes the body hold on to the unwanted weight and body fat. It essentially leads to low blood sugar. When the body is low in sugar, the brain would send out signals to make it look for ways to increase your blood sugar which makes you feel really hungry. When you feel extremely hungry, you binge and crave for food and that will cause you to take in a lot of unnecessary calories. So it's by far better to just eat small meals 4-5 times in a day rather than eating a lot twice within the day.

But you should also bear in mind that the quality of the food you eat is just as important as its quantity. Cut down on the processed food and beverages like sodas and alcohol. Remember that you're eating in small amounts and if all you eat is junk, then you'll end up sacrificing your health. Beside, junk food does not really help in weight-loss. If anything, it even aggravates fat and salt retention.

The workout

Famous trainer to the stars, Tony Ramirez, designed Janet Jackson's weight-loss workout plan. According to press releases, her workout regimen consistent of twice weekly leg exercises, upper body work (like push-ups, pull-downs, etc) and cardiovascular activities five days a week. Four months later, we actually saw the effect on the actress. Not only did she lose the unwanted 60 lbs, she also got great abs and a toned body. People could only stare in disbelief at this amazing transformation.

More than eating properly, exercise is also essential to the Janet Jackson weight-loss plan. After cutting down on food intake, the body will not be able to go back to its original form after being pulled out because of weight-gain. Those flabs will not flatten out by just minimizing the stuff you eat. You're going to have some serious workout to do to tone your muscles which are provided to take the place of the lost fat.

You and the Janet Jackson Weight-Loss Plan

However, it's a known reality that not all of us have the luxury of a personal nutritionist and trainer who would monitor the stuff we eat and how much crunches we do regularly. But that is not to say that the Janet Jackson Weight-loss plan will not work for the common person. There are a lot of things you could do to help you follow this plan strictly. You could use a calorie counter. Certain websites actually contain this so try browsing related sites so you can go over your food intake to find out if you're already way over the prescribed calorie-take for the day. Visit your family doctor so he can give you an idea of ​​how much food you actually need.

At the end of the day, the key to the effectiveness of the Janet Jackson weight-loss plan is discipline. It takes a lot of that to follow the plan regularly and resist the temptation of that tasty hamburger which could do wonders for your weight in such a short time.

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