Beating Oily Skin

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So you have oily skin. There is no need to be shipped! The truth is that there are a whole lot of other people in the world with the same problem. Sometimes the condition has a tendency towards adult acne or some other type of skin disorder, but for the most part sufferers of oily skin are just looking for a way to beat that shine and ward off the odd zit!

So how can you stop your skin from pouring out the oil and becoming a slippery, shiny mess by 10:00 in the morning? The real key is consistency in your domestic realm. With daily use of simple bathroom accessories like gentle soaps, astringents and moisturisers (yes, moisturisers!) Your skin can begin to settle into a regular treatment and please you with a healthy, oily free glow!

The first thing to remember about oily skin is that, like most conditions, it is governed by three things: genetics, skin imbalance and diet. Genetics, as you will already know, are unavoidable and sometimes unharmed.

If your mother, aunt and grandmother have oily skin, then there is little chance of you avoiding it! There are ways to control it, however, and the main way to right a radical skin imbalance is with good, regular hygiene and a healthy diet. Sure, you have heard this before, but how much did you really understand about these factors when it comes to your own oily skin?

The truth is that most of us take in the information, wash our faces a few more times a day, do not bother to change our diets and therefore still complain of the condition! There is no need to be depressed at the word diet; This does not always mean a life of bland, tiny meals.

The causes of oily skin are generally genetic at the root, but genetics are nothing if not easily manipulated! Sure, you may have oily skin because it is hereditary, but keep in mind that the chances of your family members eating similar foods and leading similar lifestyles is also a factor. If you were to change certain things about your lifestyle, your oily skin gene may have no reason to be active!

Take a look at your diet, and note how much processed food you ingest in any given week. You may be surprised that the amount is quite high frozen dinners, ready meals, canned sauces, candy, the list for most busy people gets rather long.

So what is wrong with processed foods? They may be quick and easy, but they contain very few vitamins and minerals (which are eliminated by processing) and high levels of sugars, fats and salts: all bad ingredients when it comes to your skin! You need to get in some high fiber, high vitamin foods.

It is relatively simple, honest! Buy whole wheat pasta and bread instead of white, and incorporate as much fresh vegetables and fruit into your meals as you can. Add an apple or pear to the morning bowl of cereal, a big garden salad to your sandwich at lunchtime, and sometimes a fruit salad to the end of the evening meal instead of a sugary desert. Once you get used to these simple changes, you will feel a real change not only in your skin, but in your energy levels and overall health.

As for your chemical imbalance that leads to oily skin, the solution is consistency. Skin is naturally sensitive, and it needs a regular routine to be able to maintain itself in a healthy state. To keep your skin at its best, there are a few things you need to incorporate into your daily regimen.

Exfoliate lightly, use a very mild soap multiple times a day, and do not forget to moisturise! Exfoliation will help empty pockets of bacteria that can lead to pimples, and a mild soap will not strip your skin of natural oils. If you use a harsher soap, your skin will fight back by producing even more oil afterwards. Keep it mild!

Finally, moisturizing is an important step towards oily free skin. It may sound strange, but your skin needs moisture to maintain health, and scrubbing away every ounce of oil will not benefit you in the long run.

Keep these factors in mind and you will see great results!

Source by Louise Forrest