At Home Teeth Whitening Tips You Cannot Afford to Miss – Finally! Get White Teeth From Home

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Who else wants some more at home teeth whitening tips that don’t cost a fortune? If you are anything like most of our readers, you are interested in whitening your teeth quickly, but are NOT interested (or simply can’t afford) to spend a ton of energy or income on getting a celebrity smile yourself, right? It’s true…it seems like everywhere you look, people on TV, and even out on the street can literally light up the evening sky with the radiance of their smile, and we all know that these folks were not BORN with a million watt smile!

So how is everyone getting such beautiful teeth, especially when it seems like everyone is on such a budget these days? Easy! They’re whitening their teeth from home! And why would you want to do that rather than going to see your dentist? Well it’s much cheaper for one…and for 2, in general, it’s the very same system he’s going to use on you as well!

But before you start, here are a few simple, at home whitening tips that are proven to point you in the right path, and keep your smile as bright and beautiful as you want it to be.

– Avoid Alcohol 90 Minutes after Whitening – Yes, this means drinks, and mouthwashes as well. Why? Some people believe that alcohol can actually reverse some of the effects of the whitening gel, making your investment of time and effort a bit wasteful if you do! (just immediately after treatment though – overall it’s fine)

Stick with products that have won ADA’s “Seal of Acceptance” for safety and efficiency for whitening. Most over the counter and painted on products will typically not (and if you’ve read our articles before, you know we don’t recommend them)

– Concentration is EVERYTHING! And yes, we’re talking about making sure you pick a professional grade gel concentration if you want those super white teeth you’re envious of..:-) There is a big difference between an 11% gel – and a 22% gel in terms of it’s results, even though the cost is pretty much close to the same for good at home whiteners.

Source by Tina Bardo