Are You Ready to Get White Teeth?

Margarita FolkPosted by


Have you ever wondered what makes a perfect morning? It may be your personal life or business life. A big flashy smile does the magic.

All of us wish to dazzle with our shiny white teeth. To get white teeth the prerequisites are time and money. These factors determine whether we can take up natural or chemical methods of getting our teeth whiter.

Unhealthy food habits make us to suffer from stained yellow teeth and the effect of smoking makes it worse. Here is a summary of few researches and proven ways to get white teeth.

Using whitening toothpaste twice daily is cost effective but time consuming for showing up results. Teeth whitening strips are very popular and effective in giving expected results. The whitening strips are covered with bleach on them. When they are in contact with teeth the bleach removes the stains and makes the yellow teeth looks white.

The laser treatment with dentist is a cost method but it is worth the money that is spent. These results will be last longing and does not cause any side effects. Apart from these, many other home made materials are found to be more effective teeth whitening agents.



Mixture of baking soda and strawberry pulp can be applied on the teeth using a gentle brush and left for 5 to 10 minutes. This throws out the stains on the teeth and leaves our teeth with a broader and brighter smile. This easy cost effective method can be used once in a week but continuous usage may damage the enamel.

There is no second thought that these proven methods will give us an impressive smile with white teeth.