Appropriate Prostate Cancer Treatment in Men over 80

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I read recently what one doctor said recently that prostate cancer in men over 80 years old should not be a serious issue like in men under 40 years old. This makes sense and given what we know about prostate cancer being a slow-growing malignancy. If you have read about prostate cancer at all, you must be aware that there are certain stages, or levels of seriousness, that are similar as the disease develops.

People who panic about prostate cancer may be inclined towards aggressive treatment for a man over 80. Agressive treatment has side effects that may dramatically alter the quality of life of that special senior citizen. Unlike a man under 40, who is much more capable to tolerate an aggressive treatment regimen if deemed appropriate.

Some make the mistake and assumed that someone over 80 that has prostate cancer only needs to have the disease managed as the patient probably does not have that many many years, anyway. Although I'm certain some medical doctors think this way, many are more interested in providing a higher quality of life to the elderly.

In the case of a cancerous tumor, the treatment will be based on the desires of the patient, treatment options in the stage at which the cancer has progressed. These are important considerations when determining the appropriate level of treatment, no matter if the man is under 40 are well over 80.

Many men who contract prostate cancer early in life typically have a hereditary factors involved. This means that there may have been men in his close family like his father, brothers or uncles who have had prostate carcinoma. This may suggest to many medical professionals, that the patient needs continued monitoring and potentially aggressive treatment as he has apparently predisposed to this type of malignancy.

A men who has reached the age of 80, has lived what life has thrown his way both medically and physically. A level of frailty becomes a consideration in determining the appropriate level of treatment that should be considered.

Several stages of prostate cancer, offer a treatment option known as "watchful waiting." As we know, this type of carcinoma is slow-growing, an appropriate level of care may be simply keeping an eye on the cancer growth to minimize the risk of it metastasizing were spreading to other parts of the body.

So the option of carefully watching may provide the best option for senior men. It allows them to maintain their current quality of life while also protecting their future existence from malignant cancer running through their body. No matter what your age, it's important to talk to your doctor about treatment options if diagnosed with prostate cancer

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