Anxiety Treatment Option

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Understanding and coping with anxiety is pertinent to finding a proper treatment plan. The first order of business is to learn more about what happens and why during an anxiety attack.

This is important to learn in order to predict trigger situations, what may occur during an episode, and determine what works to decrease attacks.

Depending upon their severity, treatment options can range from simple breathing techniques to medication. There is not one particular treatment that works for everyone. When Susan learned she was not capable of becoming a doctor, she freaked. Her lifetime goal had come to a failure end that left her feeling numb, insufficient, and suicidal.

Imagine your whole life plan tinkering on the edge and falling into the deep canyon of darkness. She felt stripped of the identity she had created, although she never quite felt attached to.

She was afraid to tell her parents, for she feared never being accepted again. Her irrational thoughts spiraled. She started taking herbal anti-anxiety pills hoping she would calm down.

She sacrificed a lot, but kept the lines of communication open with her closest friends. She went to see her adviser at school to work on her educational and career issues, and thought out information for alternative careers.

Susan finally discussed the issues with her parents and found relief by their responses. But she still felt like she had no identity, which left her empty and full of anxiety.

What was she going to do with her life? Susan started to incorporate running into her daily routine. This cave her a physical outlet for all her internal chaos.

Later Susan entered psychotherapy to deal with the root of her issues, and began taking medication to assist with the neurological aspect.

Source by Gail Stevens