Anti Wrinkle Cream – Our Miracle Treatment or Myth?

Margarita FolkPosted by

What's wrong with a few winkles anyway? A well lined lady I used to work with often said that a few wrinkles not only add a bit of character to your mug, but they help the face to express itself better. Well, sorry Ruth, but I soon sooner have a face that's as hard and as smooth as brittle plastic, than turn out like my grandfather. He had so many lines on his face that it resembled a road map of London. In fact neither the woman nor the men on either side of my family seem so age too well. Another reason why I want to get a good anti wrinkle cream working into my skin before it's too late.

If there was not such a focus on beauty and youth within our modern society, then maybe this aging malarkey would not be such an issues, but as there is, then I for one want to stay looking as good as I can for as long as I can, and I know I'm not alone in my thoughts.

Even if we put vanity to one side for a minute, there's a lot more to looking good than just self centered egotism. Appearance is how the world and its people are viewed, and it plays a huge part in our everyday lives. It's all about how others perceive us in daily situations, and that includes things like being short listed by a job interview panel, or the way we're valued by examples for example.

Beauty, or certainly a healthy pride in ones appearance, seems to rule the world at the moment, and it can be all powerful. Although aging is just maternity setting in, it's treated almost as a curse these days as individuals refuse to grow old gracefully and constantly battle to stop or reverse the natural aging process. Everyone wants youth, and if they can not have it they'll fake it. Yes, that includes me too! Fortunately, all is not lost as there's an absolute abundance of cosmetics around to help us out. Things like the anti wrinkle creams that are produced specifically to smooth out those unwelcome lines and give skin an overall younger appearance.

Many will appeal that looks are only skin deep, but we never get a second chance to make a first impression in modern societies. This means if we look good on the outside, it often makes us feel good on the inside too, and as a consequence of that, we feel part of, and not apart from, the society in which we live. A little boost in confidence can replenish one's self esteem, and all things combined contribute to a feeling or general wellbeing. Thank heavens for the anti wrinkle creams of the twenty fist century.

I have seen a genuine improvement in my looks as a result of following through on one of these products. Although still a great creation, Oil of Olay no longer monopolizes the anti aging creams as it once did. There are countless new and improved products out there for all skin types, which means there's now something for everyone.

The skin care regime these days is a little more sophisticated than it once was and often combines exfoliants and acids which all claim to renew your skin's surface. Some folks leave their skin care regime too late though, and once those lines grow into deep wrinkles, they opt for more drastic measures like face-lift surgery, where aging flesh is cut and tucked to tighten up that drooping skin.

There's also an in between skin care that is becoming ever more popular and advanced as time goes by, and this includes practices such as non-surgical face lifts, spa treatments, and botox injections etc.

So there we have it. Ruth might be content with her laugh lines and character marks, but mine have gotta go, and I'm looking forward to the journey. Thanks to all the modern anti wrinkle products, methods, and options available today, growing old does not necessarily mean we have to look like the walking dead anymore.

Source by Andy Maingam