Anti Aging Treatment

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For those looking to defy the aging process, a number of treatments are available which help in removing the imperfections characteristic of aging. Antioxidants are first in line to fight the aging process. They control damage caused by free radicals in our system. The consumption of antioxidants has been proven to slow down and even reverse the damage cause by free radicals.

The consumption of vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities also helps defy the aging process. This treatment is recommended for older people, who absorb less vitamins and minerals from their diet as they age.

Glycolic acid treatment, better known as fruity acid treatment, removes dead or dried skin to make the skin appear smoother. Glycolic acids are also formulated with bleaching chemicals, to correct areas of patchy pigmentation.

Retin-A is effective in patients who have fine facial wrinkles, or blotchy pigmented areas caused by sun damage. Sometimes, Retin-A is prescribed to younger, active individuals who want to combat the aging effects caused by sun exposure.

Caloric restriction is another effective treatment which is used to combat the aging process. Following this regime involves reducing calorie intake without reducing the quantity of nutrients. Caloric restriction helps by reducing the frequency of age-related degenerative diseases.

Since hormone levels also reduce with age, hormone therapy is an option. The most famous involves the human growth hormone. Hormone therapy helps by increasing muscle mass and libido, and strengthening the immune system. However, hormone therapy has its side effects, such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

A careful examination of your skin is vital in order to achieve optimum results. The type of treatment depends on your concerns and goals. Whether you are considering a surgical or non-surgical treatment, it’s essential that you consult a doctor who has training and experience with a variety of skin-management techniques.

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