Amino Acids: Essential for Anti-Aging Skin Care

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These days, people are popping a lot of vitamins and taking in various nutrients in an effort to keep their skin smooth and youthful. But even those people who are really involved in their skin care regimen may neglect certain vital components to anti-aging skin care: amino acids.

Amino acids are molecules that are crucial in providing every cell in your body with cellular repair maintenance. These important molecules are classified into 28 different types of amino acids. Of these, nine are considered as "essential," or "indispensable," which means they can not simply be synthesized in our bodies. So we should ensure that we have a sufficient intake of them by incorporating these essential amino acids in our diet.

Essential amino acids can be found in leafy greens, fish, and other foods rich in protein. By consuming food that has these essential aminos, you can make sure you have enough in your body, and that will help protect your skin from the effects of aging.

However, it is also possible to absorb amino acids by applying them topically. You need to use a lotion, cream, moisturizer, nutrient mask, or other skin care product that contains the essential amino acids. When applied to your skin, the amino acids combine with the epidermal cells to fill up creases, and then provide the surface of your skin with a smoother appearance.

Below that, in the lower level of the epidermis, the essential aminos act to stimulate the build up of collagen, the main skin protein. Collagen is responsible for keeping the skin tissue firm, but it weakens as you get older, especially due to increased exposure to the sun and other environmental skin irritants. However, the absorption of essential amino acids helps in the production of collagen, which in turn works to reduce lines and wrinkles and maintain the continued elasticity of skin as you age.

Today, there are new formulas that boost the power of amino acids to treat the skin and make them much more effective. If protecting your skin from the ravages of age is important to you, then you should add essential amino acids to your diet. But you do not have to stop there. Look for skin care products that incorporate amino acids and you will have more effective weapons against premature skin aging.

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