A Recipe for Good Gums – Effective Gum Care From The Kitchen

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Bleeding gums? Have you been noticing that your breath has that fruity smell? Well, then, you may just have gum disease.

Most people consider this as a minimal medical concern. We tend to act upon the signs and symptoms only when they start distorting us physically, or when the pain begins to annoy and disrupt our activities. It is said to be a sneaky disease, because we might already have it, but are not aware at all.

At the same time, we unknowingly disregarded some household remedies commonly found in our cupboard. These items can either interrupt the progress of the disease or completely deliver us from the agony. Check them out; you might just thank them later for saving your precious pearly whites.

The Condimental Heroes

The little village of toxin producing pathological microorganisms is almost done with their bell tower somewhere on your molar. Your tooth is aching. Run to the kitchen and whip up a mixture of Epsom Salt and a glass of warm water, then gargle. If they start to hammer on your good old gums, this humble blend helps getting rid of that discomfort.

Guess what? The friendly and indispensable Vitamin C is part of the line-up against this nasty disease. Aside from raising-up our immune system to its optimum level, it also provides some protection for your gums. Studies have shown that Vitamin C intake is relative to an individual's gum health. People established to be deficient with this particular vitamin have the higher risk of suffering gum problems, rather than those who take supplements or consume food rich with this amazing vitamin.

When you finish brushing your teeth and notice that your gums are boring, baking soda is the answer. Dilute a portion of baking soda in a glass of water, and then gently massage the blend on your gums for a few minutes, or as long as it actually takes you to brush your teeth. Continue this procedure every day, for a couple of months, and you'll say your good byes to gingivitis.

Know and You Shall Find

Of course, we are too familiar with how social bearing is jeopardized if one has that wretched bad breath. This fact has frequently overshadowed the substantial damage periodontal disease can cause on our physical health.

It begins with bacterial colonization, which equates to the build-up of plaque and tartar. The litter irritates the gums, which, in turn, decreases their integrity. This is the cause of bleeding. They become red and swollen.

The next phase begins when the infection initiates the breakdown of the ligaments responsible for supporting the teeth. The gums will start to pull away from the tooth, which is known as the receding of the gum lines. In the end, majority of the teeth would have fallen, if not all of them. Sadly, it has been shown in studies that the infection highly initiates serious heart maladies.

Prevention is quite simple. Just remember some of the lines that kept badgering on us back then as kids. (1) Brush your teeth. Do this at least twice a day using toothpaste containing Fluoride. (2) Floss after eating. (3) Do not smoke or chew tobacco. (4) Inspect the insides of your mouth regularly for stubborn sores, observe for redness, and other unusual changes. (5) Try to see how your dentist is doing, so he could also do his job.

If you begin to notice and experience some irregularities, the first independent action is to avoid sweets. It makes the bad guys in your mouth hasten the dirty job. Start loading your system up with Calcium-rich food, too.

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