5 Tips for Clear and Beautiful Skin

Margarita FolkPosted by

There is not anyone that does not want to have beautiful, clean and silky smooth skin. Of course you may find the occasional auto mechanic that would be happy just to have healthier skin, but the fact is that most of us would like to be perfectly touchable. Here are some skin care tips that will help you to keep you skin silky smooth and touchable soft.

1. Make sure that you protect your skin – As the sun gets more intense we must make sure that we not only protect our skin by keeping it out of the sun, but we make sure that if we are going to be in the sun we wear the proper sun screen

2. Moisturize – Make sure that you are using a proper moisterize and plenty of it. Keep your skin soft and smooth by rubbing this in often.

3. Drink – If you are not drinking enough water then you are not taking care of your skin. Your entire body needs fluids, and your skin is your largest organ. Take care of your skin and the rest of yourself by getting adequate liquid through the day.

4. Treat Troubled Skin- If you suffer from problem skin as in the case of acne then make sure that you have some kind of skin care treatment to either keep it at a minimum or clear the problem all together.

5. Remove the Junk – We all like to look our best and often we use makeup to help cover over our imperfections and to give ourselves color where no color inserted. That is all well and good if you are using a good product; just make sure that you wash it off at night to give your skin a chance to recover.

Source by Tim Shank