4 Tips to Reduce the Double Chin

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It’s amazing how that double chin just seems to have appeared from nowhere. It is as if you had no warning signs and you never saw it coming.

There is a lot of bad stigma attached to having a double chin. No one ever compliments you on “how you have really nice chins!” Some of us just suffer in silence and just put it down to age. But is that right? Just because you may be nearing a certain age range does not mean to say you will automatically get and accept an extra chin.

Just look around you at other people in the same age range. As you can plainly see, not all them will be blessed with multiple chins. Some will and some won’t.

There is a good chance that the double chin is either caused by loose skin or, as it is the case with a lot of people, a deposit of fat. Just like excess fat gets stored around the waist, it can also be deposited under the jaw. It may not sound good but it is. In a strange way. The reason it would be good news if it is a fat deposit is that with a few lifestyle changes, fat can be shifted from the body. So watch what you eat and take up some exercise.

Here are 4 more tips to help reduce the double chin:

1) Your double chin could be a build up of excess fluid. Some medical people feel that having an extra chin is the sign of a poor lymphatic system. Massage can help to shift the fluid.

Put your thumbs underneath your jaw line and the fingers resting on the bone. Then move your thumb tips up towards the ears with firm and gentle strokes.

2) When exercising, don’t overlook the jaw and neck muscles. As there are 35 of them, ignoring them can make them loose from inactivity, just like any other muscle. A simple exercise such as moving the head up and down, side to side motions will help work those 35 muscles.

3) If you don’t talk much, start talking. Move that jaw. Learn to laugh big. Try and eat something very chewy. All simple things will work the facial muscles.

4) Be truthful with yourself. Could you do with losing some weight? As with love handles, many people find that they can lose those extra parts like a pot belly and a double chin when the weight comes off.

But even after all this, you my find your double chin is genetic. If this is the case, you still may be able to shift the chin but it may be a lot harder as it is always an uphill battle when you start to fight genetics.

Source by Jimmy Thakkar