10 Tips for Summer Hair Care

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Summer is here and you can not wait to dive into the water. But wait; there is something you need to take care of first. Your hair needs to be prepared for all the sun-burns and chlorine that is going to be exposed too. Keep your hair healthy and shiny throughout summer with these simple hair care tips:

1. If you blow dry a lot, use a smoothing Serum, preferably containing silicone before and after blow-drying to prevent frizz.

2. If you are going to be swimming a lot, protect your hair from chlorine by combing conditioner into wet hair before jumping into the pool.

3. Rinse your hair immediately after swimming to wash out harsh chemicals that may damage your hair.

4. A conditioning spray specified for detangle is a great way to easily detangle hair after swimming.

5. When on the beach or by the pool, apply sunscreen to your hair and scalp to protect from sunburn.

6. Avoid going in for permitting, curling or straightening treatments during the summer months. Find out your favorite style and stick to it for 6 months.

7. To protect your hair color highlights from the sun, apply conditioner on to the highlighted hair and hide away most of their hair in a tight bun.

8. If you have a sun-burnt scallop already, make repairs by using Aloe Vera gel on the sun-burnt area before going to bed.

9. African-American women can use oil-based hair products specified for them to protect their hair from becoming brittle and tangled.

10. Last but not the least; give your hair some rest by refining use of too many hair products for a couple of days. Just let them breathe easy.

Source by Lata Tokhi